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FRONTIER vision crosses the Tasman to New Zealand

On Monday afternoon (25/9) Pastor David had the priviledge of sharing FRONTIER with New Zealand Luthern Pastors as they gathered for their Pastor’s conference in Auckland. It was a wonderful opportunity to share the FRONTIER journey and vision, and to discuss with the New Zealand Pastors a way in which FRONTIER could be a blessing to their ministry and the missional opportunities in New Zealand. “We really want FRONTIER to be a blessing to the whole church, and that includes New Zealand” Pastor David said to the New Zealand Pastors. “But we are aware that some of the things which make FRONTIER a unique and affordable opportunity within Australia do not carry across the Tasman to New Zealan

The Problem with Mission

It would seem we are at a cross road in terms of how we understand mission in a post-Christendom age where the secular agenda aggressively asserts itself at the expense of the Christian church. The dilemma is simply this, we end up theologizing the daylights out of a missiology we are yet to clearly define, or we adopt a pure pragmatism and jump on board whatever we think may work to "save the church". There has to be a better way. We need to recapture a missiology that is fundamentally praxis is orientation. In other words, we need to intentionally develop a discourse between the theology of mission and the practice of mission, allowing each to shape and define the other. But how do we

NSW Synod 2017

For over a year, the FRONTIER team has been working hard to develop a church planting and missional experience for up-and-coming leaders within the church. FRONTIER has been blessed by a vision from God, been given strength by Jesus and constant guidance through the Holy Spirit. The rubber hit the road for FRONTIER last weekend with its first large-scale public representation, at the NSW district Synod. From the 15th to the 17th of September, members of the NSW Lutheran District gathered at the picturesque Warrambui for its biennial Synod convention. National Bishop John Henderson, District Bishop Mark Lieschke and many other pastors and church delegates came together to discuss the future o

FRONTIER and YOUR future

FRONTIER is more than just a training year. It is a preparation for participants to move into an exciting, meaningful, transformative and impacting ministry within the local church. The opportunities are broad. For example, we have a church planting ministry at Albury which participants can become part of, growing to take on the next stage of planting a new church out of the original church plant. We have a local community that is keen to have someone help them re-pot their church into a growing missional ministry. There are twelve other "sending churches" across the LCA & LCNZ who are at various stages of development, all of whom will be looking for a FRONTIER graduate to join them and

Reimagining a Church for a new Generation

Why is it that we say to our young people, who are enthusiastic and passionate, "let's train you up for a youth program or two, perhaps do some camping ministry, but leave the church to the grown-ups?" It's of little wonder they drift, unable to find a long term place in the Christian community, and search for other places where they can take root and grow. Isn't it time we stopped playing with our young people, and empower them to be the church? FRONTIER has that at its very heart. It is fundamentally concerned with how we empower our young people to plant new churches for a new generation that organically grows and shapes itself to proclaim the Gospel in new ways. We want to give our y


We are really excited about FRONTIER, and the opportunities it offers to both participants and the larger church. So the chance to use the funds we have to support people participating in FRONTIER is a fantastic opportunity we don't want people to miss out on. So if you're a member of the LCA or LCNZ and want to do FRONTIER in 2018, ask us about our scholarship program. We can offer everything from sharing costs, to full fee payment. You just need to ask. So if you're thinking about FRONTIER, then come and join us. Don't let money stop you from realising what God can do in your life, and what a blessing that life can be to others and the church at large.


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