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Smorgasbord of Opportunity

FRONTIER isn't just about learning how to do mission, it is hands on, in the trenches, elbows deep in practice. And there are a number of amazing opportunities to do this Let me share a few. St Luke's is about to employ a church planter to establish a new Lutheran community in Albury in 2018. FRONTIER participants will be actively engaged in learning and supporting this exciting venture. When they finish the year, they can return home proudly saying they helped plant a new church. We also have a rural town which is looking to re-pot their church and grow into a missionally focused church. Again, FRONTIER participants will be offered the chance to support the congregations involved, in r

Less than $90 per week for a life changing experience

What can you get for less than $90 a week that will change your life forever? That's all it costs for FRONTIER participants to experience, practice, and be engaged in missional learning. This includes accommodation, conferences, workshops, one-to-one engagement with church planters, and a variety of other amazing opportunities. At the end of the year participants not only walk away with a Academic qualification, they leave with the experience and confidence to go on and apply mission practice wherever they are. When you think about it, $90 per week is very cheap. Try finding accommodation anywhere in Australia for that price. Especially when that accommodation gives participants the cha


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St Luke's Lutheran Church, Albury, NSW, is a campus of Melbourne School of Theology, an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS: 02650E


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