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Take a leap of faith

Missional practice requires courage to think outside the box and move where the Spirit is at work in the world. Yet somehow we have got locked into a situation where we think only the organisational entity of the church can bless such missional creativity. If this was the case then Paul and Barnabas would never have ventured into the Gentile world. If we wait on the "denominational hierarchy" to deliver innovative and transformative change that empowers mission, sadly we will be waiting a long time. FRONTIER thinks outside the box. It doesn't matter who you are, if you feel God is calling you to ministry, and you have a heart to reach the 90% of Australians who are unchurched or dechurche

Young Adults are the church

Recently I read series of articles in the Lutheran, the national magazine for the Lutheran Church of Australia, where young people were expressing their sense of frustration at not having a place within the local church community. They were leaving the LCA for other church experiences because there they were finding the sense of belonging to a community that cared for them. It got me thinking - why do we relegate our young people to programs where all they can do is run a youth group, or a children's ministry? It's as if we're saying to them sure you have a place, as long as you play games with our kids, but leave "real church" up to the adults. What a sad indictment on the church. Both B


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