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FRONTIER Reflection 2019

This year has been an amazing experience and opportunity for me to grow closer to Christ and grow more passionate about his work. FRONTIER has helped me academically and practically, through studying God’s Word and the wisdom of those in God’s mission field, and by being given opportunities to participate in so many of the things God is doing in Albury through his Church.

All the study and assignments have prompted me to think deeply and have challenged many of my pre-conceived ideas about God and mission. I feel that they equipped me to be able to lead more boldly and confidently down the right paths and to think more critically about ideas, such as the innumerable ‘silver bullet’ approaches to evangelism and discipleship. Things like understanding the intricacy and importance of culture in the context of evangelism has forever changed the way I will approach so much of what I do moving forward. There are countless principles and insights I have learned through the FRONTIER study that have been impactful and practical revelations for me.

In a practical sense, FRONTIER has empowered me with opportunities to serve and lead in so many ways. Initially through involvement in different aspects of the 9:30 service and Bible study groups, this became the opportunity to run my own Connect Group, participate in leading the music side of worship, and connecting with members of the congregation, in and outside of Sunday worship. Most recently, this has included leading devotions at St Paul’s College in Walla Walla, involvement in planning and running the second community service, and as of this Sunday, emceeing for that service. On top of all that, I’ve was involved in planning the Corowa Church Plant, speaking at a conference and my home church, and more.

Anything I have needed help with pertaining to spiritual and leadership growth, FRONTIER and St Luke’s have done so much to make happen. Sending me to conferences, mentoring from John and Di and Pastor David, and guitar lessons from Peter, to name a few. Furthermore, St Luke’s as a congregation has been loving and accepting the entire year I have been here, right from the get-go.

This year will forever be one of the most important years in my life on the path that God is taking me. I want to thank all of you for making it so incredible, and I am so glad that God called me here to spend a year with you. God bless you all.


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