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Office Spaces and Friendly Faces

It's not often you are injected into a community and get the feeling you've lived your whole life there. Nevertheless, that has been my experience at St. Luke's so far! From the moment I moved in, I have been showered with good, old fashioned hospitality which can't be faked. Even though I spent my first weeks sleeping in a vacant space at the back of the church office, it was perfect (not to mention I got to share it with a massive lad who happens to be one of my best friends!).

The group slipped right into the routine of study and we've been blessed with some quality teaching thus far. Our first intensive centring around church planting was delivered by Dean Eaton, a top bloke with a fiery passion for change. The overview of the LCA's plan for mission in the near future was inspiring to hear and helped instil in me a tangible vision for my future; something much needed if you're going to participate in Frontier I've found! It's interesting how the burden of studying is eased by the merging of passion and learning. That's not to say that the work load hasn't been extensive. I'm sure each one of us could attest to how overwhelming study has seemed at times. It has been extremely encouraging knowing that whilst we're studying at a university level, we are also able to transliterate what we're learning into real missional situations which matter.

I have also found Ps Dave's teachings transformative in my personal journey as a Christian. The wisdom Dave has to offer combined with his nurturing and comforting personality have fast-tracked my learning experience. It was always going to be a struggle to not only manage my own learning experience, but steward a relationship alongside that as well. Dave and the alarmingly hospitable team of helpers have been at hand to offer genuine support in times of need (to all of us!). A massive shoutout is due to John and Di who have been absolute spiritual legends, welcoming us and standing alongside us as we manoeuvre through the maze which is pioneering Frontier.

It was a huge blessing to be able to assimilate myself into the community through my job at The Barista, Baker and Brewer. On my days off, I'm able to work in a fresh, fast-paced environment where a vibrant community of both young and old love to go for coffee (I also get to take home a loaf of bread after every shift...Love it!). Having a Third Space in which to nurture new relationships with both churched and unchurched people has been a huge reward for my social health and the reach of my ministry. Let's hope this continues for as long as possible!

I look forward to what's in store for us here at Frontier and eagerly await the opportunities which present themselves as we ride this wave.

Grace, Peace and Love,



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