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Reaching Out to Pastors and Church Workers - creating new ways of seeing mission through FRONTIER

Dear church workers,

I wish to commend Frontier to you. Please find a letter below outlining Missional Leadership training opportunities and an attached application form.

In Christ’s mission,

Dr Tania Nelson | Executive Officer – Local Mission - Lutheran Church of Australia

Dear Pastors and Lay Workers,

Recently several pastors asked FRONTIER & St Luke’s, Albury, how they could be better acquainted with missional leadership in terms of leading a sending church within the LCA. This same question was also raised at a recent meeting with members of the LCA Council for Local Mission when they visited Albury to see what God is doing there.

The response was simple – do the FRONTIER units that specifically speak into this space. The leading missional focussed theologians and thinkers within the LCA sending church initiative teach FRONTIER units. In this more formalised way, FRONTIER participants get to collectively wrestle with the shift in thinking required to be a sending church missional leader.

Each unit is delivered through a 5-day intensive. There is a preparation activity, such as pre-reading and activities designed to engage the unit’s core themes. There is the opportunity of participating in tutorials which FRONTIER can run via a video link. Finally, the assessment pieces are designed to engage the practical reality of missional leadership with the scholarship to support the process.

The units most relevant to this include:

  • Missional Leadership – an exploration at how transformational leadership works in not just realigning a community to be missional, but in terms of what sort of leadership skills are required to lead a missional focussed community in a complex and fluid environment (semester 1).

  • Church Planting – an introduction into the models, framework, research, and practice of church planting across a broad spectrum of the Christian church, engagement with church planting experiences, and opportunities to explore how church planting would work within one’s own denominational tradition and in-the-field reality (semester 1).

  • Theology of Mission – this journey through a biblical theology of mission corresponds with a detailed examination of contemporary expressions of missiology in both theory and practice, with the aim of helping the individual develop a theology of mission that is both reflective of their theological roots, and applicable in practice within the church (semester 2).

  • Gospel, church, and Australian culture – this unit explores the issue of contextualising the Gospel and how we practice church within the sphere of Australian culture and society, developing the means to exegete culture and the tools to speak the gospel into Australia society (semester 2).

FRONTIER also offer 2 field work units within various ministry environments, a unit in Christian Foundational Beliefs, and 2 New Testament units that draw out the missional conversation.

In conversation with Melbourne School of Theology, they have indicated that any pastor or lay worker wishing to do these units have 3 options:

  • Audit the subject – this has no assessment items, but participants cover the cost upfront without any FEE-Help support.

  • Undertake individual units – this has assessment in it, but participants would have to pay upfront and there is no FEE-Help for single units.

  • Enrol in the DipMin or GradDipDiv – this has assessment items and the costs are covered by FEE-Help.

Several things to note:

  • If you chose option 3, MST would look at your transcripts and seek to offer RPL credit for those already holding a ministry/theological degree.

  • Our units are nationally recognised and fully accredited qualifications delivered in partnership with MST, an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology.

  • ALC has indicated they will credit these units if you choose to use them for further studies at ALC.

  • For you to gain credit points within the LCA’s continuing education program you will need to do the units for assessment.

  • MST’s fee schedule is available at - https://www.mst.edu.au/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/MST-Fee-Schedule-Domestic-19.2.pdf

St Luke’s is a generous and hospitable community, offering the option of being billeted for the intensive if you don’t wish the expense of finding your own accommodation. FRONTIER asks no admin fees for LCA Pastors or paid lay workers choosing to do these units.

We encourage you to do several things as you contemplate this offer:

  • Carefully weigh up if being a sending church pastor/church worker is something God is calling you and your community to become.

  • Chat with Dean Eaton, Pr. Steen Olsen, Tania Nelson, Pr. Mark Worthing, Pr. Noel Due, or give FRONTIER a call with any questions you may have.

  • Prayerfully consider the opportunity FRONTIER is specifically offering to LCA pastors and lay workers through FRONTIER to enable you to embrace the challenges of being a missional leader within a sending church.

  • Consider whether this is something you may have some of your lay people share with you as a localised learning community.

If the LCA seeks to plant 230 new churches in a decade, it will need a lot more pastors and lay workers who comprehend missional leadership, the church planting process, and have the theological robustness to adapt with creative and innovative integrity.

Right now, you have the opportunity of joining us for semester 2. If you wish to take up this opportunity, then please complete the attached application form and send it to FRONTIER with a copy of your transcripts before the 30th June. The references won’t be needed, as the Local Mission Executive Office and the FRONTIER team will provide these for you.

FRONTIER will try to accommodate any pastor or lay worker who wishes to take up this opportunity.


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