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Reimagining a Church for a new Generation

Why is it that we say to our young people, who are enthusiastic and passionate, "let's train you up for a youth program or two, perhaps do some camping ministry, but leave the church to the grown-ups?" It's of little wonder they drift, unable to find a long term place in the Christian community, and search for other places where they can take root and grow. Isn't it time we stopped playing with our young people, and empower them to be the church?

FRONTIER has that at its very heart. It is fundamentally concerned with how we empower our young people to plant new churches for a new generation that organically grows and shapes itself to proclaim the Gospel in new ways. We want to give our young people more than just a chance to run a youth program, or be focussed solely on a youth ministry of some sort. Through experience, exposure, practice, mentoring, teaching, and reflection, FRONTIER promises to create a new movement of young people capable and empowered to start new churches.

If you want the church of tomorrow to be the church of today, then join FRONTIER. You will be amazed at what you learn and discover. You will be surprised at what God can do with a humble and obedient heart. You will be empowered to plant new churches for a new generation.


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St Luke's Lutheran Church, Albury, NSW, is a campus of Melbourne School of Theology, an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS: 02650E


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