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Take a leap of faith

Sometimes You Have to Jump to Find your Real Calling

Missional practice requires courage to think outside the box and move where the Spirit is at work in the world. Yet somehow we have got locked into a situation where we think only the organisational entity of the church can bless such missional creativity. If this was the case then Paul and Barnabas would never have ventured into the Gentile world. If we wait on the "denominational hierarchy" to deliver innovative and transformative change that empowers mission, sadly we will be waiting a long time.

FRONTIER thinks outside the box. It doesn't matter who you are, if you feel God is calling you to ministry, and you have a heart to reach the 90% of Australians who are unchurched or dechurched, then FRONTIER is the space for you. The units delivered in partnership with Melbourne School of Theology, are all geared to empower you to test your calling, explore in practice how it might look, and release you to do ministry from a missional perspective.

As a nationally recognized and fully accredited program, offering a Diploma in Ministry or a Graduate Diploma of Divinity, FRONTIER provides a pathway into further study. For those within the Lutheran Church of Australia, the units count as credits towards study at Australian Lutheran College. For those who simply want to do missional ministry without pursuing a more formal pathway, FRONTIER provides enough foundational training to release you into missional leadership or church planting wherever you feel God is calling you.

Sometimes you have to look outside the norm, the traditional pathways, the neat "safe" security of what the organisational church advocates to discover God's calling for you in the world in which you live. Take the leap of faith and contact us. You'll be surprised to see where God is leading you.


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