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Tim's time with FRONTIER

Now that I have been doing FRONTIER part time for 2 years (I’m also working part time in the church), I am developing a changing mindset. I came from; church just being a place to worship on Sunday, receiving Holy Communion, to now realising that this is not enough. I need to be involved with the church for ministry. Thankfully, my work for the church is in Administration so what I’m doing is helping others to reach their full potential with their ministry. I feel it is in this., “Enabling” field that I can best serve God for now. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know wherever I go it will not be enough to just sit in a pew, listening and receiving. I already knew that mission is the work of God I the world, but FRONTIER has taught me how it is. As well, and equally importantly, FRONTIER has taught me how many others do mission, from this I can draw this and that, matching various techniques and styles with the perceived needs of the community.


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St Luke's Lutheran Church, Albury, NSW, is a campus of Melbourne School of Theology, an affiliated college of the Australian College of Theology, CRICOS: 02650E


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