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Young Adults are the church

Creating a new church for a new generation

Recently I read series of articles in the Lutheran, the national magazine for the Lutheran Church of Australia, where young people were expressing their sense of frustration at not having a place within the local church community. They were leaving the LCA for other church experiences because there they were finding the sense of belonging to a community that cared for them.

It got me thinking - why do we relegate our young people to programs where all they can do is run a youth group, or a children's ministry? It's as if we're saying to them sure you have a place, as long as you play games with our kids, but leave "real church" up to the adults.

What a sad indictment on the church. Both Bill Hybels (Willow Creek) and Rick Warren (Saddleback) were in their mid twenties when they started their respective churches. Today these churches are among the largest in the western world. What if we had a program that stopped playing church, and began empowering real communities built by the very people who yearn for community? What if we had a program that enabled young people to plant churches that relate to them, their peers, and the things they see as important?

FRONTIER is just that. We're not interested in teaching people how to run a youth program. We want to enable, empower and release a generation of people with the skills and passion to plant churches.

Not everyone is cut out to be a missional leader. Not everyone is cut out to plant churches. But in partnership with others, forming a team of people with the same intent, God can do amazing things. Hybels and Warren both started out with a small group of people. Mike Breen, a UK church planter, started out with half a dozen, and has gone on to plant many communities. Church planting is about team work, and FRONTIER will help define that for you.

Juts imagine what you could do in partnership with the Holy Spirit, in creating a world you and your peers can find a place of belonging and meaning. Chat with us and see where God can lead you.


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